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Friday, August 13, 2004

I just finished working on the english transcript of our filipi2 project. Two episodes from the first season of HBO's "Sex and the City". After four cups of coffee, burning the midnight oil, a terrible back and set of fingers: Twenty-five gruelling pages, finished in record-breaking time. (started last night, finished this morning.) And I volunteered for this stuff. Heheh.

All there's needed to be done is the translation proper.

Gotta get me some food first, i haven't eaten anything yet since i started this last night. Yes, that includes breakfast. Methinks i'll just get an early lunch. Or something. Before heading up to school for netanal.

Ciao. Catch you guys later.

Or maybe not. I was thinking of catching Garfield later in Greenbelt. :)

Or getting a nice novel.

Or just going home and continue the frag fest against zombies.


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