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Monday, August 16, 2004

the day in review

i got up this morning with an aching head and back. cursed bed. :)

anyway, things went pretty well today, except perhaps for my condition as a hyperhidrosis positive. I really don't have an idea as to what may have caused it, but it sure bugs me as hell, everyday.

NETALAB was almost a disaster. My calculator was reeling from all the computations i was doing on it, as I forgot to actually get the RMS (root mean sqaure) values for both current and voltage. That was the real setback, as i was forced to re-do a batch or two of calculations just to set things correctly. In the end, it paid off, as I learned a lot today. Never mind that it actually took us a little over two hours to finish the entire experiment.

I skipped netanal today. For no reason at all. No, in honesty, all I wanted to do was catch a movie, preferably in uber-magastos Greenbelt 3. Either Collateral or Garfield, just to get things off my back for a while. I really didn't feel attending my class today. Sigh.

In the end, I didn't see any movie. Or purchased a book, as I have been wanting to do for the past couple of weeks now. Or even a CD, despite my growing wish list. I just dropped by park square 1 to get my phone an authentic Sony Ericsson leather holster (ICE-25) to give it a little more flair and protection from, ugh, rough handling. After all the scratches it's been through, my phone still has an air of exclusivity around it, at least, to me. I dunno. Maybe due to the techie-oriented nature of SE phones. Or perhaps the sweeping clamshell styling. Either way, I still love it. :)

The Dvorak Adventure

I modded a cheap PhP 200 keyboard (sorry, still gots no digital camera around these parts to show pictures) to comply with the Dvorak layout just this weekend. I'm trying to learn and explore it, as one of its claims was being more efficient and downright logical (at least in English) than the de facto standard, QWERTY. As you may know, QWERTY has been with us for over a century, having been invented for use with the granddaddy of them all, the Remington typewriter.

There's more about the Dvorak layout here.

Will try to post results as I get more free time. :-P


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