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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Operation Finite Disclosure

"Operation Finite Disclosure is a go. Planning starts ASAP, execution exactly 1000H from now. Recon/Intel indicates SJ as LZ, with package at 3rd & 3rd, at around 1130, perhaps more or less. Expected opposition ID'd as ex-blockmates and froshies. Suave mode is imperative. Failure is, as always, not an option. It is crucial we expedite and establish package."

Aeo just rang me up to inform me of a plan that I never thought I'd do--bring this
gift into La Salle. Don't ask; information is need-to-know. If you're out of the loop, you can just forget it. :)

Pacific is acting screwy today. It just returned me three(!) MAILER-DAEMON failure messages indicating that it cannot send my messages. And these aren't just any message. This is our project. Due tomorrow before 1800. Ack. Dead.

I'll try using Gmail for this; if it fails, then let all hell break loose.

Just kidding. :)


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