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Monday, September 13, 2004

first day

My first day of class as an education student just folded up this afternoon. And boy, was it good: I can see myself barreling down a corridor to catch up with a class. Oh wait, wrong fantasy. Heheh.

I am already thinking about FOUNED2, under Dr. Lilet Bautista. It's a professional education subject, and it was indeed very humbling and inspiring at the same time, especially when her discussion is interrupted by a random story about teaching. ::Awww.::

She seems real nice and dedicated to her work. First impressions, dude.

The other class I had, the first, ENGLTWO, was pretty nice too. Classmate
ko yung sister ni wexy! Argh. Scary stuff, dude. Heheh. Naaalala ko tuloy yung joke ni aeo kung paano kami natatakot dun sa utol ni wexy. :D Maingay yung utol mo, wexy. Hehehe.

Let's see: Research paper writing, foundations of education, general psychology, classroom management, education technology 1, linguistics, relstwo (the Church and Sacraments)--
teka, parang ang dami ah. Nyarhar. Heaveee.

I still have to attend four[!] classes tomorrow, 1 and a half hour each: TINTECH, EDTECH1, LINGUIS and RELSTWO, the latter with a CBE class. Me scared. Mweheheh.

Now that I am finally an educator-in-training, tis I'd have to ask:

quaint ruttle little bucket: in need of a name change?

I was thinking something simpler. But then again, "quaint rutted little bucket" is as good as personal journal/blog names get. :-Þ


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