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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's raining! It's raining!

It's actually raining outside as I post this. Sigh. Finally, some respite from the copious amounts of humidity in the air. It's not really about the high summer temps I hate about summer... it's the excessive humidity. Makes you feel sticky and grimy all over.

The bad thing is, once the rain stops, evaporation ensues... giving rise to yet more humidity. Argh.

Its finally over!

Summer class. Just as when I was starting to like going to my guidance and counseling class... ::sob:: Anyway, it was fun, and even though the things we discussed in class were a bit lacking, I still discovered that I learned lots.

The final requirement was given yesterday. It wasn't all too difficult, I must say. But it still took time. Nevertheless, I think it was time well spent.

Having summer class is definitely better than bumming around the house when we're not visiting places.

Oh wait. Crap.

I never did get the chance to visit any place this summer, except for the yearly homage to the beaches of Batangas and wexy's birthday party in Laguna. The last time my folks went North, I was caught up with a project that I decided to just sit it out here in Manila--alone, while the rest of the family was away.

Maybe next year, when I won't be having classes for summer.

Hopefully. :D

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