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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Term postmortem

After six terms in this school, I finally made it to the dean's list (Not that I actually aspired for it.), my lowest grade being 2.5. The thing is, that grade could've been higher if I went to class more often. :D

Anyway, that one aside, I feel that this term was great. I was alone for much of the time, independently working on things here and there. I'm not seeing my high school friends as often as before, or even my CCS block. Admittedly, at times, I felt quite lonely, but heck, who cares. As I jokingly refer to it, isa na akong salawahan ("I've become a maverick.") No real group to belong to. Yes, I still have friends here and there, but for the most part, I'm alone.

I could hear it now: "Why are you alone anyways?" Well, for some reason, I can't really relate to the frosh guys I'm with in most of my classes. In addition, most of my friends are the geekish ones; those belonging to the two dreaded colleges in the entire university. And you know how those guys are, compared with say, a student from arts or business.

And I haven't really met the ID103 English majors. I've been with a few of them in some of my professional education classes, but I've made no serious attempt to really know any of them. Maybe next year. Or this summer term. Oh, I dunno. I seriously doubt that I'll still have the chance to know them, since they'll be graduating next year.

That's why I still often go to Gox or to CIC just to catch up with some of them. (For some reason too, I somewhat miss the feel of being a CS student in Gox. Life outside Gox is really different.) Why, I even joined a CCS program (FORMDEV) where they introduce CCS students to the life and works of St. La Salle! (How I wish this program was a part of the general education program of the University.)

Sigh. I can't wait to finish my undergrad degree.

  • GRAMCO1 - I got 2.5, no arguments there. (I was already prepared for a 2.0... or even lower. :) Like before, I just wish I went to class more often so I didn't miss out on a couple of activities and quizzes. If I had not missed out on those, maybe I could've gotten a higher grade.
  • ACADWRI - 4.0. I really don't know. My paper was somewhat a mess if I were to evaluate it based on what I have learned about writing research papers. But I guess Ms. Chiu was just being kind to us. If that were a formal regular class, I think she may have been more strict with how the papers were made. Can't complain with the grade though. :)
  • ENGLTRI - 3.5. Now this was a fun class. I find it discouraging at first, since speech wasn't exactly something I do well, but after a term of speaking over and over in front of an audience I barely know, I think I've gotten the hang of it. Comments on my papers said that I was fluent, although I had the tendency to read my presentation. I guess its still a work in progress.
  • MEASDEV - 3.0. This was one of the more interesting classes I had for this term. My pre-finals grade on this one was a pitiful 1.5, and I needed to get more than 80 in the finals to get a 3.0. And that was an exam covering largely statistics in evaluation. Nevertheless, three hours straight of studying seemed to do the trick. The part I found really hard was the last one, where we were required to get the Pearson r of two sets of grades and a value related to the Spearman-Brown formula.
  • DEVGROW - 4.0. Wow. She gave me a four on this one? Cool. I wish she would would be handling our GUICOED class this summer term.
  • ARTAPRE - 3.5. I really like my prof in this subject. I dunno. She reminds me of Daria sans pessimism. I wish she'd have a literature class in the future.
Anyhow, there you have it. A term-end summary. Babush.


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