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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

w00t. first post!!!!11

Just presented my persuasive speech this morning and shucks, even though I hate to admit it, it was the best presentation I made thus far. I did not like the topic I had, the outline I made was a wreck... and yet, strangely, I still managed to present it well. Indeed, strange times call for even stranger things.

For the record, I still hate giving those speeches. I can't really do it properly and smoothly. Yet. :-D

Enrollment day comes tomorrow, and I've decided to push through with this summer classes thing. It's not good, yes, but sacrifices have to be made. ::sob:: Goodbye, my long-awaited summer. I guess I'll have to live with burnout for a little longer.

My PowerColor Radeon 9800 Pro card clunked out again last Friday evening while I was playing around that fun thing called Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. As with the first burnout incident, the same thing happened. This is the second time a R350-cored 9800 Pro card died on me. I'm now contemplating selling this and getting a 6600GT AGP card instead.

The weird thing, that thing wasn't even overclocked. I only replaced its scarily-cheepo HSF with an Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer, mounted with Arctic Silver 5. And I always set the fan on high just to make sure. On the night it died, the heatsink was so hot, it nearly burned my skin.

I would never buy ATI again.

It's interesting how guys seem to bunch together when one asks for help in dealing with... women. Yes, them.

A strange thing happens when Bob, our fictional guy, comes to his friends for help on how to woo the woman and let her know how he feels. A girl I knew commented on this, saying how men tend to talk much but don't do much. Hahah. Naturally, some guys felt obliged to disagree, saying that they weren't anything like what she says.

The learning experience there was doing something. No matter how corny, cheesy, fruity or beefy, you still went the extra mile of doing something just for her. Even though the thought of being rejected, dumped, thrown and or kicked out exists, the point is still you made an effort to come near her, fumblingly trying to get a conversation going, with all the anxiety and uncertainty, just to get to know her and see if there exists some chemistry between you two. Women have it easy here in our country--in the end, for them, its all just a matter of waiting for the right guy while we guys have to do all the work. Women are, indeed, the stronger sex/gender.

That experience made me thought about my own situation. I'm already heading to my third year in La Salle. Boy, it only seemed yesterday I was that innocent (blech) bloke entering the gleaming marble-tiled white halls of St. La Salle building. And no, still no girl. A lot have captured my fancy, yes, but I still have not mustered enough courage/balls/cojones to actually try to open up and get close to one. In the plain wise words of Sir Joey, "to take risks."

I leave this post with a cliche: "It is infinitely better to have loved and lost... than to have never loved at all."

Now, to resume the search for her. :-|


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