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Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Gentleman's Perfect Courtship

Ok, I have to make a confession: I never really had 'Creative Writing' for my LEAP class, despite what I have been telling people. In reality, what I had was what this post's title states. Maybe I just told people I was taking up creative writing as I was afraid to let people know that this class was just a lame excuse for all the insecurities I still have with women. (Gee, I feel a lot better already, having gotten that out of my system. Bwahahah.)

I chose it out of curiosity. Honestly. :) Just a taking a quick look at the topic's description on My.LaSalle gives you an idea that this class would be something frank, practical and can be used in real life... and that's what drew me into it.

Boy, how wrong was I.

I wasn't at all prepared as to what the class would be having: a class on practical wisdom on relationships, combined with reasonable Christian morality. There was no trace whatsoever on how to court a woman; instead, we spent three hours discussing what courtship really is, its importance to both the male and the female in the relatioship, and its role in determining how the whole thing will ultimately turn out later on in life, even determining how a marriage will fare in the future.

Sounds interesting? Indeed. While it did not have any of the things the class anticipated, we were greeted with what love really is: sacrifice, and that a relationship was more of a growing experience above anything else. (Have I read this somewhere before? Oh yes: M. Scott Peck's "The Road Less Travelled." :o) Wisdom from an old-timer who seem to know everything there is to know about love and relationships. Pragmatic advice on almost every aspect of an intimate relationship: loyalty, trust and that three-letter word I've been seeing everywhere recently--sex. (Don't get me wrong here: It's all about Paulo Coelho's "Eleven Minutes", a novel about the struggles of a prostitute, along with all the
adult-themed discussion.)

While I did not learn anything practical about delivering the message of love, the lecture did gave us a nice insight into the realities and the ideals of the society we now live in.

If only I had somebody to practice these on.

Oh well. Maybe after I graduate. Maybe. :D


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