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Monday, December 13, 2004

Finals week.

I don't have any exams for this week. Wow. I am still left in awe and wonder how could this even happen. So far, I've finished three term papers and the only thing I have left to do is finish my website project (final requirement) for EDTECH. If all goes well, ho-ho-ho: Christmas, here I come.

Edge of Reason?

Renee Zellweger's latest flick, "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" continues our view into Bridget's life exactly one year after the events that transpired in the first movie.

The focus now of the movie is on Bridget's desire to finally settle down with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), but this is not without its complications: along the way, Bridget encounters jealousy, unfortunate luck and circumstances, and of course, the all-too-evil-because-I'm-smooth Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant).

I must say that its an excellent movie. Bridget, fatter than ever, is back and keeps much of what made the first movie a tremendous success, even if this was under the direction of a new director, Beeban Kidron. For me, the Bridget Jones series was never much of a chick flick, but rather, a pragmatic story of an idealistic, burgeoning journalist who never seemed to have lost her childhood klutz even in her dealings with men and even colleagues.

Overall, a nice treat for the holidays. Forget the Christmas-themed fluff, see this one instead. Highly recommended.

Thunderbird is go!

Hot on the heels of the tremendous success of the Mozilla Firefox 1.0 launch, Mozilla.org recently released its version 1.0 of the Thunderbird email client. Coming in with a spiffed-up feature list and theme, its changes are more than just skin-deep. If you're looking to get rid of *that* insecure email client that came with your Windows installation, Thunderbird may just be your ticket to email nirvana.



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