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Monday, October 11, 2004

After a loooooooooooooong time...

I'm back! :-)


It's kinda late, but here goes:

The Archers (and in particular, JV Casio) kicked serious arse! Araneta will never be the same again when these two universities are playing for "who's greener." Hahah. I can even recall TLS A&G's funney posters on SJ.

I watched the game at Araneta all by myself, with a General Admission ticket. Before I got there, I really thought a genad ticket sucked, as people kept on complaining how far it was from the action. But no, it didn't. In fact, I liked the view from up there. I did have a good periperal view of the people, from my fellow Lasallians to the, ugh, FEUians[?] (okay, let's call them Tamaraws fans. :) and of course, of the game itself. "D - L - S - U! Animo La Salle!", I could still imagine shouting at the top of my voice, complete with the hand gestures. Hahah. Masaya talaga.

(Ako na siguro yung pinakamalakas mag-cheer sa la salle side ng genad. :D

The game was gripping really, especially during the last couple of seconds, when the Archers' 10 point lead was demolished by the Tams. Casio was really a lifesaver. If not for that three, the game could've been extended to overtime, or worse, our Archers taking second place.

But no. It did not. Fate played a nice game that day. Destiny? Maybe.

Until then, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Sims 2 rocks. Really.

Pucha. I need a life. A real one. :-)

Complete with all the dramatics.

As its still under work, I'll be temporarily doing all the flirting, arguing, fighting, kissing and woohooing in the Sims.

Seriously though, at 1.0, TS2 isn't exactly running up to my standards of a well-coded game. It kind of tends to get slow when the game speed is notched to fastest, and the graphics, while perty and all, still tends to slow down occasionally. And this is on a Radeon 9800 Pro, a card that is still fairly capable of churning out pixels rapidly.

Wait. Maybe memory. Or my CPU. Is it time to go 1Gig and AMD64?

Oh no. The upgrade itch! Argh...

Got... to... re... sist...


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