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Friday, October 29, 2004

Blog updates

I just did a check of this thing's pageload logs, and guess what: Southborder/Mulawin's "Ikaw Nga" has surpassed Steve Tyrell and Pheomela Baranda as the most-searched thing here. Gee. Interesting trend.

Oftentimes, the usual suspects are searches for the lyrics of Southborder's "Ikaw Nga" or a downloadable audio file. (Sorry folks, I don't do downloads here. :)


I've finished around 10 of 30[!] notecards required for ENGLART/ENGLTWO, and I plan on heading down to La Salle tomorrow to do another ten or so. Hopefully, I'll be able to submit all thirty on the third of November.

As far as my grades go, its looking extremely well, except for a a subject or two. (::cough::linguis::cough::) I also printed out a copy of the action planning worksheet I made for my counselling sessions with Sir Joey back in the third term as I need to set specific goals once again. Without these, I feel lost and without much focus. (Hay... How times change. :)

America Votes

On November 2, Americans will go to perhaps the most polarizing election in recent history. I pray that this country votes for the correct person, having seen how omnipotent the influence of American policy is on other countries, even to ours.

I pray for their enlightenment. That they may not only think about themselves, but that America already has become a country that is a part of global geopolitics, and with that, the responsibility it entails. I could only hope that they take the initiative in things that truly matter--the environment, terrorism, the economy, science. To make peace. To avoid invading countries on a whim and because of an almost fanatical, jingoistic desire to "leave a leagacy". Wars are not waged for egotistical reasons, let alone differing moral standards.

I shall speak of this thing no more. May wisdom prevail on the second of November.


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