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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


It's been a long time since last post, and I've gotten my ass to work on a ton of requirements lately: reportings, papers, exams. Sigh. A couple of weeks more to go... gotta hang on! :)

On an even more frustrating note, my Radeon 9800 Pro just died out on me last Saturday evening, in the middle of an NFSU2 session around midnight. RIP, my R350 wonder, you've served and overclocked well. That fiasco left me bungling around with literally nothing to do on Sunday. (Except spend 2 hours in the Parish Office, study ::ehem:: for genpsyc, read stuff, watch tv and sleep. Woohoo.)

After a tedious troubleshooting session, I was surprised when I discovered it was the culprit. I mean, I even pointed a Papst 12cm fan on it just to keep it cool the entire duration it was there in my rig. But still, it failed, even with only a modest overclock and an Arctic Cooling HSF. Really disappointing.

Anyway, I dropped it off Rising Sun Shaw yesterday and I'm hoping those guys at PC Trends send me a new card with an R360 that runs somewhat cooler and overclocks even better. ::evil:: For the meantime, I've got another slower card that pretty much plays Live 2005 (only that :) well.

Radeons Galore.

I was thinking of getting a 5700LE 128-bit card, but it was too expensive relative to this one (while performing more or less the same with a vanilla 9550). MX440s/4000s, 5200s and 5500s were all out of stock too, so it was either this, or a 9250. The 9250 series doesn't game at all, so it was this one for me. Pretty sweet, cool-running card. :)

Docent Training!

I find docent training fun! Finally, something interesting and new for an extracurricular involvement. Heheh.

We had a lecture under Ms. Judy Sibayan last Friday, and it was great. We were discussing art history and its relation to Filipino artwork featured in the "Moving Art" exhibit. We'll be having another lecture under her this Friday, to be followed by a museum tour on Saturday. (Yippee. Kaya lang, I'll not be able to attend Friday's lecture, as I still need to go back to Busko for my interview with Mr. Tenerife. :)

The Busko Experience

I dropped by Busko this afternoon, and guess who I bumped into?

Ma'am Violy. Of all the people. :D

She asked what in the world was I doing in Busko. I told her that I was doing research on PAASCU-accredited institutions as part of a course requirement in one of my professional education courses (FOUNED2 :D waheheheh.) and I was assigned to this school. And I told her I was an Education major.

She was surprised. Really surprised. (You could only imagine. Scary. Bweheheh.)

She asked what my major is. "English", I replied. And she started recruting me already for a teaching post in DBTI, telling me the need for more quality teachers.

Overall, pretty interesting conversation we had, as it was cut short by the bell. She had a class at around 2:50 or so.

And I wafted mindlessly around campus until around 3:15, when I bumped into my little wonder of a brother.

The entire time I was waiting for Ms. Araneta, I thought to myself how I landed in education in the first place. I said to myself, "Come to think of it, seeing all these young kids gives you a feeling of vocation." And with that, came Bro. Kenneth's (La Salle Brother) words when he was doing vocation talk in my RELSTWO class a few weeks ago:

"A vocation is when the desires of the heart meets the hunger of the world."

Now I know why I got into education. :)


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