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Saturday, March 05, 2005

I'm gay.

Life quite sucks sometimes. Really. Even for a mostly-carefree and optimistic bloke like me. Sigh. I wish... I just wish sometimes we could all go away to someplace far without having to think of any responsibilities. It just sucks sometimes that we humans are, more often than not, constrained to a lifetime of work in order to survive. Oh, utopia, where art thou? Redemption, anyone?

I could only imagine how life goes for the people who live in countries poorer than mine. (Or those who generally belong to a "socio-economic class" lower than mine. Really sad world.)

And this entire idea of expectations + career + $$ sucks. Gaah. I hate how American culture perverted the idea of capitalism, turning it into this monstruous, hideous greedy thing I wouldn't even dare touch with a ten-foot pole. (Why are humans virtually impossible to make content anyway?) And now, most Pinoys want to get more from life by getting a degree from one of the Philippines many diploma mi--err, "universities and colleges", without really thinking of what they really wanted to do in life. The end result is something of a conundrum--you have all these folks getting into prestigious fields without even liking it, or worse, without satisfactory competence in it. Ika nga nila, "para lang makapagtapos." Hey, where did common sense go? Can I buy one of those in my neighborhood sari-sari store? No? Oh, that sucks.

"Real world to Philippines... come in, Philippines. This is the real world... come in..."

Hit some nerves there? Oh, good. Read on my friend. Maybe you ought to start thinking of how things are going to be for you what, five, ten years from now.

I have so many things going on in my mind right now, I can't even think clearly for a second.

Benevolence quite sucks at times too. You have this tendency to think of the entire world first before yourself. Sometimes, I hate being good. At times, even being too good for my own good. I sometimes wonder if I were just born (or grew up) to be an arrogant, insensitive person who couldn't care less about the word empathy. Hey folks, look at me: I'm not superman. Or any superhero/demigod/celebrity (ugh. yuck.) for that matter. I'm just your typical guy.

Why am I acting cranky, you say? Hell, I dunno. Maybe burnout. I just want to rest and get away from all these annoyances around me. I want to get away!


And my imagehost is down. Grrr. This is the second time this happened. Maybe I should move my crap onto another server.


  • I am unlcear of why posting that above jibberish?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:25 AM  

  • It doesn't matter. Sometimes, people just become too frustrated over things that you have to have something to vent those frustrations on.

    Take for instance, the blame on the US. I understand that you're a person residing in the US (although I cannot ascertain your citizenship) and maybe, you felt offended. For that, and my flawed logic, I must apologize.

    But have you ever thought about how other countries, especially as tinny as ours, are affected much by even the most miniscule of things the government you have over there does? It may not matter much to you, as you are over there, but for us residing outside the borders of that fine country, it does matter a lot. Sometimes, people just need to see how things are on the other side of the fence.

    By Blogger ralph, at 10:40 AM  

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