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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hello world.

Or, for formality's sake...

class HelloWorldApp {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("Hello World!");
That's Java code for you. Heheh. (Following the great computer science tradition of doing a hello world thingy when learning something new. :)

Been a while, eh? I thought so too. I didn't have much time (or effort either) to post something new here. Sigh. Blogging gets real tiring at times.

Had my lecture speech delivered this morning, and I screwed the entire thing up. Bwahah. When I rehearsed it last night, it came in at around 5 and a half minutes, but today, I wasn't even close to 3/4 of my presentation when time struck. I really shouldn't have dwelt much on the introduction. Oh well.

And for the record, I hate speaking in front of an audience. (Real bad for somebody's looking into education as a future career!) I stutter like mad, groping for proper enunciation. And the strange thing is, if I did it with just myself (meaning self-talk) I can speak fluently and without much difficulty. Heh. I dunno either. Maybe its with the anxiety.

My lower back's been aching badly lately. Methinks its with the bad sleeping posture.


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