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Monday, March 28, 2005

Jed Madela's "How Can I Fall Lyrics" can be found immediately after this post. To get there now, press Ctrl + F now on your keyboard, type 'March 22' and press Enter. That should bring you to the lyrics. Thanks! :)

Monday shmunday

/.'ers are having a field day discussing their most hated day of the week here. I dunno about them guys, but I'd have to agree: Mondays and Monday Redux (that is Tuesday) really stink. Heheh.

Just imagine the thought of getting off bed after a nice weekend... oooh. Sends shivers down any mortal's spine. :D

Todo list
  • Complete surveys for acadwri
    • Finish paper for this thing (due: 4 april 2005)
  • Complete my paper for devgrow (due: 1 april 2005)
  • Revise PSA for persuasive speech (due: tomorrow)
  • Finish two another papers on artapre (due: 4 & 5 april 2005)
  • Check & beg RSun for my video card
  • Get money from dad for R40
  • Meet Mr. Yu for the R40
  • Study and become an expert on measdev
  • Take home book on human development
    • Study for next monday's exam
Total number of papers due either this week or the next: five. Wonderful.

I love term ends. There's that feeling of anticipation for that much-awaited break... to finally get away from all those school-related stuff. But wait, what's this? Summer classes! Rargh! Hahahah.

I'm getting off Firefox now, simply because I need to accomplish something. Hahahah.



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