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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The responsibilities and sensibilities of blogging

I have been poring over this blog's access logs (weblog's log? weheheh. whatever.) and I see the occasional search for one of my profs' names or two. I dunno if these were my profs googling for their own names online or were just isolated cases of acquaintances looking for one another, but it still terrifies me nonetheless if they were to search for their names online and bring up cases against me for libel or something equally scandalous. The good thing is, I've written nothing scathing or something equally bad, as most of them were just plain-jane comments and praises about their teaching styles (and *not* criticisms of the person) 0:-)

Anyway, due to this, I'm making it a point to 'sanitize' my posts by not posting non-celebrity names publicly. In addition, I'll keep any potentially damaging thoughts confined within the limits of my head. You'll never know what the written word can do to you.

On the lighter side of things, since moving this thing to a more accessible URL, I've seen hits rise, most of them just plain searches for lyrics or songs or even artists, which I really don't care about much, since I placed it there basically to share it to the entire intarweb.

Basta. No more name-posting, especially prof's names. Heck, I may even drop the course codes just to keep things relatively sane. I tell you, browsing over the logs and discovering searches for prof names actually leading to my blog is stressful! And its certainly scary, since there was already an incident a prof left a comment on my blog. :D

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