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Saturday, August 20, 2005

So, What Do You Want to Do?

Haay. Lots of things to do. Let's see: I've still got four papers to finish this week, a single finals exam, and a few other things here and there to accomplish. And oh, teambuilding/FORMDEV training this weekend.

As for my museum commitment, Ms. Lalyn tells me that we'll be involved with the dismantling and the set up of a new exhibit. We will also be doing museum hopping (exciting! heheh.) and make the necessary preparations for next term's docent recruitment. (Sana maraming mag join next term! Heheh.)

Come to think of it, it really ain't that bad after all. :) (Of course, it shouldn't. I've been doing this term-end thing for the third time now.)

I should give INTRECO all I have. As it stands, my grade is only 2.0 pre finals. I'm aiming for the full monty, a 4.0. To do that, I'll need to study and prepare well.

As for THECOMM... I should really get my ass working on this paper. (I hate doing papers.) Currently, I only have the data and some interpretations of it, but nothing really concrete. And deadline's on Tuesday.

GRAMCO2 final paper requirements will only be available starting on Monday. Sigh.

RELSTRI is troubling. I still don't have a personal moral issue to tackle. To be honest, I think I'll be ending up with jerking off for this one. :D

As for the others... never mind. :)


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