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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The loser complex: Lacson continues whining, starts group to make Gloria resign

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Ah, the big, bad loser complex: the all-too familiar feeling of wanting to get back at somebody for beating you fair and square(?) in an election. Apparently, this guy really, really, and I mean really badly wants Gloria out.

Dude, get real. If less than three million people voted for you, surely that must've have meant something, right?

Credibility problem you have, my young Ping. (Not to mention a big gaping list of unresolved and obviously unexplained skeletons in some closets. Note the 's'.)

Can't he just get over it? Oh man.

Loser. Whiner. He should just get back to work. Or whatever that is he calls work.

The problem is, the people already gave the opposition a chance to serve the country with ERAP. Nothing happened. The crackpot just screwed our country over and over, screwed us some more, and screwed us even more, this time, with his friends. Until he got thrown out.

And now, the opposition (or military junta. or the Communists. or some other rich guy who wants to live in Malacanang.) wants to be in power and "serve the people."


Oh man, that last part sickens me. That line has been dragged along by too many politicians for too many times already without actually ever meaning it. To hell with them.

Think of it this way:
The status quo is the lesser evil. The lady has at least an inkling of what to do for the short, medium and long term periods. That's already a start. Until we can get somebody who actually can do his/her work better than Gloria, only then we will change. And with an election. Excluding Ping and his mischievous lot.


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