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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Really, its crazy.

I dunno what to make of things anymore. Never before has this country been placed in this situation: the President undergoing a credibility issue, with a Vice Prez tainted (some say by the last election's smear campaigns) and the so-called United Opposition (really? From this ordinary bloke's point of view, they all have individual agendas. It doesn't matter if its good or bad; they're all selfish anyway. >:-| And Susan Roces just burned everybody within a 30ft radius with her fiery, but really sincere tirade against the Administration yesterday.

Wah. Even a journo guy I like who usually takes the enlightened middle ground has spoken out.

So if Gloria were to resign, what options do we have?

(1) A snap election. This is something some people have qualms about, given the derelict and corrupt nature of the Commission on Elections. But hey, it could work. Just have it automated.

(2) Noli steps in. Viable, but again, some people oppose him. Personally, I'll take my chances with him or even with the Senate President, Franklin Drilon.

(3) Loren wins the recount. I generally like Loren, but the people around her are despicable. That's the very reason why even her Alma Mater did not support her last elections.

(4) Commies take control for some reason. There's already talk of the leftist groups coming together and building a 'revolutionary' government. Given their connections and ideologies, I think they'll go for a socialist/communist kind of government. Not really my cup of tea. I'd immediately ask my relatives overseas to petition me. (preferably, to here. The country south of them, despite all the nice ideals their nation was founded upon, still has a crazy President. Oh, that reminds me: I need to learn French ASAP.)

(5) The military, in all its glory, seizes power and establishes junta. Again, like option (4), i'd just pack up and leave. No use trying to stay.

(6) Nothing happens. Gloria stays, people get killed in rallies, yadda yadda yadda.

(7) Ping and or even ERAP gets to be President. No. Just not those bad bad lot, please!

Personally, I think Gloria still has to do something apart from her apology. Fine, I forgive her, but then, I haven't heard the original recording of the conversation so I can't really make any value or moral judgments now. (With the word original, I meant something that excludes Bunye's and Paguia's version. I may listen to the one with Ong, but then, that still has to be verified.) Maybe she could set up an independent truth commission of sorts and while that commission does its job, she would have to take an indefinite leave of absence.

The thing is, I care about this nation. That's the very reason why I poked my head into the notion of being an educator. But even my resolve is being eroded by the very people who, in the grand scheme of things, seem to exemplify crab mentality at its finest.

Honestly, I couldn't care less about the old people and the trapos we still have lying around. What I care about is the youth who will inherit this nation.

Maybe I should start praying every night for our salvation.

The likely scenario: preservation (some parts) of the status quo.


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