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Saturday, July 02, 2005

My take on the matter

I'm still standing by my independent fact-finding commission option for my recommendation to Gloria, with her taking an indefinite leave until the commission releases its findings. It just makes everything so much easier: no more partylines investigations, no more trials by publicity, and best of all, no more wrangling over legal issues. At the very least, it will satisfy most, save for a few who will still vehemently oppose it and argue about the recordings bearing the burden of proof of Gloria's cheating (in short, narrow minded). It will also give the Administration a fair chance to get the facts out and for the opposition to air its side of the matter.

this is a view that is also echoed by another economics luminary from the University of the Philippines, Mareng Winnie Monsod of Debate (dĕbătā) fame.

In her op-ed piece, "The 'Truth Commission' option", she highlights several important points that make the case for the need to establish such a commission. It may be a commission composed of representatives from different sectors of society, legal experts and representatives of both the Administration and the opposition. It will take into consideration important facts, and possibly, an initiative to invite another independent, non-biased organization to look into the authenticity and other technical aspects of the recordings being heralded in the public. It should also be given authority to create an independent law enforcement task force composed of police investigators and NBI agents to find the people who are behind the alleged wiretaps. These people will be reporting directly to the commission, and will be taken out of the PNP/NBI hierarchies to ensure a degree of impartiality and avoid having conflicting interests.

I really dunno much about other specifics or even the legality of granting an independent commission powers usually falling under the judicial department of government (DOJ) but hey, its a start.

In the end, I just wish this entire thing ends up well. If Gloria ends up convicted of anything that is illegal, then so be it. I just don't want to see shooting ourselves in the foot just because we decided on an action haphazardly and without much prior thought.


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