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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Good mornin'!

Oh man, I love waking up. Really. Beautiful day. [cue Hoku's Perfect Day].

I'll be having an exam later for INTRECO. I haven't studied a bit yet, but I'm planning to do exam cram for the several couple of hours I still have. Exam would still be at 1pm, so I guess I've got much time left.

I'm heading off to Tagaytay for the weekend, along with all the Batch 5 FORMDEV facis! Weeeeeeee. Joy. But before that, I'll still need to submit my waiver to the CCS Vice Dean/Dean Secretary. Will be doing that later today.

Just got yesterday the specs for the GRAMCO2 finals. Deadline is on the 29th. But the bad thing is, I'll be going home on the 29th. So it's either I have to do and finish this tomorrow, to submit it on Saturday, or forever be damned. :) Great.

Also planning to hear mass at school. For some reason, I'm already developing a liking for attending masses at school. I feel like getting respite from the craziness and twistedness of the world whenever I get in there. Very peaceful and tranquil; something akin to a sanctuary.

Off to the shower for me.


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