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Monday, August 22, 2005

INQ7 Sports Headline: 'Sputtering Tamaraws squirm past Archers'

One word: Tsamba. B-)

If anything, this should send the message that FEU is not indomitable--that somebody can play the kind and brand of game they play. Perhaps if those last couple of turnovers converted into points, we might have won and pwned the Tams for all they're worth.

But yeah, I must admit, Arwind's a big royal pain. I guess if FEU did not have him this season, things may have well turned out quite differently.

Oh well.


THECOMM paper deadline tomorrow, and so far, I've only completed a little more than half a page's worth of single-spaced text. Woohoo.

Let's see: I already have much of the data I need, plus some of the analysis, so its just largely a matter of turning all these into text.

Which is not that hard, but can take considerable time and effort.

Common sense tells me that the earlier I start, the earlier will I be able to finish this.

Good morning. :)


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