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Saturday, August 27, 2005


This will be the second day I will not be sleeping at home. And I'll be away from home until Monday afternoon, when we'll be leaving for Manila.

Last night, I spent the night at a friend's flat just beside La Salle.

I am already missing my bed and my pillow. ;)

Just woke up and had my palabok by Tonang's lunch (yum!) after sleeping for four hours. For some weird and funny reasons last night, I wasn't able to get some sleep. I was initally working on my final finals paper for this term (Gragh! I already officially hate this. :) and when time for lights off came, things strangely started rolling.

I popped the first question. "Ano ba talaga yung hot seat?" that was immediately followed by "sino ba talaga yung malanding fafa?" I learned all about both, and frankly, given the nature of the situation, that was quite expected. But it was funny, nonetheless, that we were like girls sharing and giggling over our secrets for the first time. Definitely interesting and funny experiences were flying across the bed.

Upon learning that, I felt compelled to tell these guys already my growing interest in her.

I waited until they were both nearing sleep (around 4am) when I popped the question, in a low yet weak baritone manner, that nailed the door on my coffin: "guys, eh si *******, talo ba?"

Poof. I was on the hot seat there and then. Laughter. Giggling. OMG. I did not actually tell them, right? :)

"Oh no, I think I just did." :slaps forehead:

I started off by clarifying some distinctions I have, for example, on how I see her. I told them that it wasn't a crush (getting there, I guess. :) since I pretty know well when I have one or not. They argued that I was only using a euphemism for crush... Blame it on ENGLONE. :D

At that moment, the very definition of what a crush is to me was rolling in the back of my head. I see crushes as those nice little perfectly healthy and normal admiration things we have for other people, and if seen in this way, then I indeed have a crush. But I was denying it, preferring instead to call it by a different, (I say) more politically correct name like interested and such. Looking back, I think it was pretty lame. =))

And her.

Of all the people. Why do I find her interesting and fascinating that I actually wanted to spend some time getting to know her better? That I actually am willing to finally take risks, after oh, I don't know, three years?

I dunno. That's something to think about in the next couple of hours and days.

Bye all! Pasalubong on me. Heheh.

PS. Will be back with lotsa pics from Tagaytay! :)


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