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Monday, August 29, 2005


good mornin
28 aug 2005. morning.

6:15am. 28 aug 2005.

Just woke up from a real nice sleep. (Finally. A decent night's worth of sleep after not sleeping the night before!) Still staying in the same room at the La Salle Villa (Room 3) as I did last time. As always, the view from my room's balcony is breathtaking. The air is fresh, the morning breeze silently billowing into my room through the open door and window panels, and everything so quiet that you could hear a cow's mooing in the distance (Yes, it's true!) Low clouds hang over the lake. Thank God for another beautiful new day. Tranquility abounds. And I still have half a Hershey's bar from last night. Goody. I want more of this stuff. :)

pen & paper blogging, baby!
Doin' it old school style: pen n' paper.

7:20am. 28 aug 2005.

Nothing much is happening. Aside from me, I think only E.J. is up. Am going to read Arceo's "Canel de la Reina" for the very first time.

11:08am. 28 aug 2005.

Just got back from Sunday morning mass at the nearby chapel. Doc Sison is, surprisingly, already here.

Most significant learning from the mass:

To love is to make sacrifices; to be ready to endure suffering.

Took a bite off the Hershey's bar. Sweet. Off to the shower for me.

good aft'noon
28 aug 2005. lunchtime.

1:10pm. 28 aug 2005.

Just finished a hearty, healthy lunch of fish, veggies, pork, rice, pineapples and a banana, on top of some iced tea and lots of water. Yummy.

We're going to be starting with another activity soon.

On her:
To be honest, I don't quite know what to make of my feelings for her. For one, I barely know her. At best, the level of acquaintance we have is, so to speak, just skimming the surface. And yet strangely, for some reason or another, I find myself thinking of her, what she may be doing at this very moment; to see and hear her.

With these in mind, this question, like oh-so-many times before, comes up: Am I infatuated?

Don't answer that.

Just chillin'.
Just chillin'. (Pun intended.)

lovely late afternoon
The late afternoon sun beneath some clouds. taken before 5pm.

9:47pm. 28 aug 2005.

Did a lot of activities under Doc Sison. First activity was about three parables, namely the Parable of the Four Soils, the Parable of the Tares, and the Parable of the Mustard Seed. The thought of seeing FORMDEV, and us, facilitators, as the seeds or perhaps the seed-bearers is very quaint and definitely motivational. I pray that I could live up to whatever words I spoke in the lecture hall.

After a ketchup spaghetti merienda (seriously.), we discussed the positive effects FORMDEV has brought to the lives of the facilitators, old, new and faculty alike. Each had differing views that were all inspiring. As for me, I just told them how I was very fortunate to have discovered the life and works of St. La Salle through FORMDEV. All was going fine until well into Doc Sison's turn; the rain finally decided to move in. Bummer. I was thinking that this reflection exercise would be very cool if done against a Tagaytay sunset.

We went inside and into the parlor to continue with the speech. Doc Sison's sharing was very meaningful and emotional.

After that sharing activity, it was the turn of the oldies to share practical tips on how to conduct group discussions. Very useful tips indeed. Got very nervous, but I did. :)

During my turn, I tried to stay on top of the situation. As an education student, methinks being initially assertive does a lot in conveying a sense of control and authority. (But I think I overdid it this time :D Anyway, all went well, save for the flushing red face I got from the three "gays" in my group. Heheh.

Dinner was served after that.

On her (a continuation)
I was expecting this retreat/training outing to distract me from thoughts of her. I was thinking of immersing myself, getting caught amidst the flurry of things we will be doing. But no.

Even with all the activities, this place gives much time for meditation and individual reflection, that all my trains of thought included her. I could only hope that when this is all over, I'll have a clearer picture of things. Sigh.

Lord, give me the courage and wisdom as I stare down and walk down the winding path of life. Lord, I don't want to hurt her. All I want is the best for her. Give me the wisdom to discern between my feelings and reality.

yellow bed!
My bed with yellow sheets. Looks real comfy, no? :)

6:30am. 29 aug 2005.

Just woke up from a blissful sleep. The view overlooking Taal is gorgeous, as the sun continues its mighty ascent into the sky. No low clouds seen yet--I think we're in for some beautiful weather today.

I'm going out to snap me some landscape shots.

Addendum: Oh. Brother Ceci has arrived. Surprising.

good mornin
29 aug 2005. morning.

1:56pm. 29 aug 2005.

Brother Ceci shared some his thoughts with us. Truly, we are indeed blessed to have persons like him. Its his very dedication to the charism of the Christian Brothers that I found conviction and confirmation in pursuing an education degree.

We also did a couple of somewhat cheesy but admittedly, motivating activities, like introducing a person to a class, to the exchange of cards. The cards exchange was interesting, to say the very least, since the prompt was to give the cards with your name on it to the person you felt corresponds best to the question. For example, the question 'who do you think is the most dependable of the entire group?' prompts one to give your name card to the person you think best fits that. And so on...

I said it was interesting since the most number of cards (7! half the entire group.) I got was from the third question

Anyway, have to make this quick. We're almost leaving. I still need to pack up and remove the sheets.

This'll be the last entry I'll be making here in Tagaytay.

Le ciel bleu!
Blue Tagaytay sky.


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