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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Birthday ko ngayon! Heheh. :D

It's going to be a mad term.

Crap. I've just realized the pseudo-mess I just got myself in: six majors courses, three of which are English majors on the relationship of language and culture, another on the psychology of language learning, and another on teaching speaking. The rest are professional education courses on statistics in education, classroom management and foundations of education 1. Am I begging to be hanged? I'm not entirely sure, but from the looks of it, at the end of the term, I may already be (1) insane, (2) dead or (3) depressed and stressed like hell. Its going to be a merry Christmas. Hahahah.

But no, it doesn't stop there. I'm also working on a research paper with ms. mimi that we intend to submit for publishing in an educational journal. To date, she's already asked me if I wanted to be called her co-author or a research assistant. I really don't know. She also asked me to do further research in the periodicals section of the library, giving me a list of things to watch out for, do a review of the them, and write them down in a revision of the background of the study/review of related literature section of my paper last term.

And don't even mention my extracurricular involvements. I've just joined DLSU's UNICEF volunteers, and while it seems genuinely fun and rewarding (another educ major + UNICEF! heheh), it also adds to my growing list of committments. Not that I'm afraid of committing, but I just don't want to disappoint people when I fail to meet their expectations. I fully committed myself to this, and knowing myself, I want to give anything I commit myself to all the best I can spare. But given my situation... Sigh. I'll just do my best to stay on top of things and hope for the best.

Rant ends here. B-)


I don't intend to let this one go. I must do something. Haf'ta start somewhere... somewhere. Before she goes. I have half a year left to make this one count. Oh, Ralph, let's not royally screw this one up. Please. I am begging you. :)

Edit: Hahaha. Brownie points! More brownie points for me! =))


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