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Monday, September 12, 2005

First day funk. Sort of.

(Shoot. Its getting ever-harder to come up with post titles. This one's so cheesy I might have to hang myself after posting this. Oh well.)

Just had first day of classes today for this term. I wasn't able to go to mass. My bad. Anyway, most of my classes today were boring excellent.

The day started out with another interesting majors course, Psychology of Language Learning. Psycholinguistics. Goody. If anything, I expect this one to be along the lines of LINGUIS in terms of content and depth. I should expect this one to be pretty hefty in terms of requirements and stuff. And papers! Tons of paperwork. Yet all over again. Heheh. I will get a grade of 3.5 for this one. (To myself: That's good. You're setting goals. That was one thing we never did during the start of the academic year.)

Ah, TINTECH. I was actually expecting this one to be under the other Ms. Lilet in the CEPD, but no. The same prof as I had more than a year ago with FOUNED2. Oh well. I expect this one to turn out well. Get me a four on this one, stat! That's positive thinking for you. :)

And since I've metioned it... EDUSTAT. I was actually quite fearful of this one before our prof arrived, since I'm not exactly that bright with numbers. (I'm quite the opposite, to put things frankly :D But I was quite relieved to find out that we'll be doing things from the perspective of a psychologist. Hell freezes over: our prof isn't a math professor. This will surely be interesting, though I still don't know what target grade should I be aiming at. Maybe a three.

And now, I wait for my three classes tomorrow. Two majors classes, a single professional education course. Goody goody.


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