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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

That's it?

So, the "majority" won in their bid to prevent any impeachment complaint against GMA from getting through. As if that was not enough, they did it in an overwhelming and numerically-superior way, resulting to more than 2/3 of the vote supporting the report released by the Justice Committee of the House of Representatives that dismisses two other complaints that came after the first Lozano complaint was filed, with the latter the only complaint being recognized as legally valid but then, subsequently dismissed for having been found lacking in substance and form.

The anti-impeach congressmen and women may have bought GMA more time, but in the big scheme of things, all they did was to add more fuel to the flame.

Personally, even though I still see GMA as the only competent person we have for the Presidency, there is no discounting the fact that she still remains accountable for her actions and the allegations being hurled in her way. An impeachment trial would give people like me--those who are plainly after the truth--a legal and peaceful venue where all the evidences from both sides of the equation to be presented in the open.

But now that avenue is closed for a year. A lot of things can happen in a year, as Erap's demise also happened within a year after clamors for his resignation first started being heard. In fact, some talk in the recently-concluded Black and White forum expects GMA to be removed from position early next year or so. While that prediction is at best hearsay at this point, there is no discounting the fact that it may happen.

In other news...

Deal signed to end EU-China textile impasse [INQ7.net]

Globalization at work: This one issue was a controversial sticking issue with some of the EU member nations a few months back since their economies depended upon textile production and exports. Apparently, that has been resolved for the meantime, with China and EU both taking compromises. I personally applaud the Chinese for taking a more reasonable position this time, as it opens up avenues for more agreements like these in the future. While China's competitive advantage when it comes to mass production of commodities like textiles may extend for a couple more years in the future, recent economic trends in China point to ever-increasing levels of salaries even for the vast majority of China's factory workers, so their ability to produce goods at the lowest of costs may change in due time.

La Salle asks UAAP to rethink decision [INQ7.net]

So, protests are in vogue again, eh? Sigh. If the UAAP decides to give this one to UE, our bid for the Final Four may be in jeopardy.

Boring. After going places during the early part of my term break, I'm finding myself increasingly cooped here at home. I want to go places! :(

Anyway, planning to watch "Cinderella Man" tomorrow after going to school to spend big gobs of money. After that, maybe on Friday, am going to spend an afternoon at Ayala Museum. They've got new exhibits, so I got to check those out.

But still am, largely, bored. I think this is the first term break ever that all I'm doing, apart from going places, is watching TV, sleeping, and reading. I've just finished a Filipino novel, Arceo's relatively short "Canal de la Reina" yesterday, after starting it nearly two weeks ago. Pretty predictable novel. More social commentary than anything else. Blah. I need to get my mush fix! Hahah. :))

I'm also delving into some of the books that have been rotting in my Tita's shelves. I picked up "The Bourne Identity" just for curiosity's sake (Ed: Darnit. Can't seem to get the spelling of "curiosity" correctly.) and I find it nice. A tad nicer than the movie version, in fact. Maybe it's just me. I dunno.

And oh. Its only now I've been listening much to M.Y.M.P.'s two recent albums, "Beyond Acoustic" and "Versions". More than anything, I find most of the tracks to be nice mood music, with "Versions" being more my preference. Lovely songs.


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