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Monday, September 27, 2004


Wanna see a crazy, eye-twisting, hilariously fascinating page filled with animated GIFs? Clickie wikie here.

Itanium *not* for workstations? Says who, you say? Says Intel, that's what!

The Inquirer link

My bad. What is Intel planning for EPIC and Itanium2? Relegate it big tin servers and HPC applications? I thought the plan a few years ago was to let the technology trickle down onto the desktop, by virtue of making variants of it for both workstation *and* server processor applications, and inevitably letting it come to the desktop. What happened, Santa Clara?

I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive. Woohoo!



We lost to those FEU guys last Sunday. Them crowd got real rowdy
daw, according to some people who were there, and it actually took one of FEU's coaching staffpeople to call on FEU fans to refrain from throwing things down (obviously, on the DLSU supporters.) Tsk, tsk, tsk. Baaad. Buti na lang hindi ako nanood, as I had some tickets with me then. But alas, my dream of seeing tamaraws extinct early dies a premature death.

Anyway, its the first loss of the Archers after eleven games, and by all counts, it wasn't really a devastating one. The Tams hit us hard and fast on the first minutes of the game, thus giving them the momentum, and leaving us with nothing could be done to stop the onslaught. Maybe Franz has some goodies to unleash on Koy come Thursday. We'll see, we'll see. :-)

I love the courses I have for this term! (Urm, except for one, perhaps. :-Þ Forget about the post I made earlier, they were bad prejudgemental ones.

First, the bad.

EDTECH1 - ARTCOMP in a CED setting.
Ang corny nito, dood! Technology from the end-user perspective. Feels weird. Last term, I was on the other side of the fence when it comes to technology (ComSci) and now, eto. I shouldn't have taken this course. I' m so sick of computers already, I feel like throwing up whenever I am on this one.

And the teacher! Ow! A real sight to behold (and hear!) Nyarharhar. :-)

FOUNED2 - Dr. Lilet Bautista is cool. She's this type that tells of how noble the teaching profession is, despite the problems we've been having so far. Inspiring. One of the reasons I actually look forward to the day I finish my undergrad degree and get a job as a teacher.

Ah, isa pa to. Asteeg din 'to, dood. Dr. Michaela Munoz, even if she asks for a lot of classroom activities, is one great teacher. Like Dr. Lilet, I find her experience sharing priceless on how it inspires me to excel and do good now and in the future.

Excellent excuse too in letting me bring our shiny new digicam to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

GENPSYC - Dr. Javier may seem and sound like an oddball, but I like his style of teaching. Very authoritative lectures. And the book seems like a good read, which will especially come handy when it comes to reviewing time.

Didja know he actually asked us to have a brain specimen last Friday and today? Hahah. A human brain. Preserved and reeking in formaline. Awful. Heheh. But I learned lots. :-D

LINGUIS - Strange subject, but I feel confident in Dr. Mildred Rojo-Laurilla. She seems to know what she's doing. :-) Seriously, linguistics is challenging, but I should come through this. I should.

ENGLTWO - Twisted, dude! Hahahah. Research paper writing redux, for froshies® Hahahah. Five page argumentative paper? Keep 'em coming.

RELSTWO - Fun. I like Dr. Sembrano. And I actually have TY Tang as a classmate on this class. :-D

There you have it. 21 units of pure, unadulterated, unbelievable fun. phun. Or whatever. ;-)

Thursday, September 16, 2004

I want Sims2.

You read it. I want to play the darn game, even after denouncing the entire Sims series back in 2000.

There's something about Will Wright's words that makes me curious about this game, such as the improved AI routines, psychology and stuff, growth, among other things.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Animo La Salle!

::w00t:: We Won! We Won! We Won! ::w00t::

We pWn3D the Blue Eagles! Our very own Green Archers definitely owned. :D

Men's Basketball Championship, here we come!

Listening to Ella Fitzgerald and loving every minute of it. Truly exquisite jazz. :)

Anyway, I find a few of the courses I have for this term challenging.

Take FOUNED2. It's not that I find it hard or anything, but Ma'am Lilet has this knack for asking more than what is expected from us. It's actually fine by me, as she said that as ::ehem:: future teachers, we could do such things. Whatever.

TINTECH bothers me. It's looking more of a practical education course than a theoretical one. We have Icebreakers set for the 21st, teaching concepts presentation on October, persuasion lectures next, and demo teaching on December. Wow. Again, while its all fine and dandy with me, i'm scared. I kinda dislike activities like these back when I was younger.

ENGLTWO's fascinating. Not for its writing nature, but I actually did an argumentative paper oh-so-many times already, under my first ENGLONE take, writing an excellently-rated (4.0 yung paper ko dito dude) argumentative paper on acknowledging of the legality of the USA's war on Iraq. I still curse that teacher, after realizing all the bad she had done for failing me for attendance. :-Þ

Boring: A word to describe GENPSYC. Under Mr. J. (I can't divulge his name. Somebody might leak.) I am really considering dropping this course. Nakakainis. And he requires us to have a book. Bummer. He drones on for an entire hour, three times a week. Dude, I'd honestly prefer to read chapters than listen to him. Kinda reminds me of Sir Generoso, without the repetitive words and with a slight Indian accent. My.Lasalle lists another professor for this class, and it seems he exchanged scheds with another guy. Sigh.

RELSTWO's okay with me, except that I kind of dislike the 1440-1610 sched of this thing. Kenneth's sister also had the chance to take RELSTWO under him, and says he's a pretty good professor, albeit quite heavy on the requirements side. Fine with me. :)

I find LINGUIS pretty intimidating. You have this foreign-educated, doctoral level professor. And she speaks well. I actually fumbled a bit with my spoken English when I had the chance to speak up in our first meeting, with her noticing that I did shuffle my conjectures around. Don't ask me, I was never really particular about my grammar anyway. She did remind me of Ma'am Beth Calero and Jessica Zafra, though. Challenging.

I have to give the honors to EDTECH1 though. Our professor for this course is truly a wonder to behold and hear: "Sir Micks. Sir Micks. Sir Micks." That was actually the only thought I had in mind when I first entered his class. Dude, you can only imagine how twisted this class is. And I actually have to endure this for three hours a week, for 13 more weeks or so. Doublecrap. But he seems pretty intelligent, though. Oh, may asaynment pala dito. Weheheh.

I'm still on 21 units. Friday's (or is it Saturday?) last day for dropping with 90% refund. Argh. Bahala na. Baka hindi rin ako mag-drop. Or I might. I really don't know.

"Life is difficult." Have to keep this one in mind.

I'm now in the College of Education. And loving every minute of it. :D

Monday, September 13, 2004

first day

My first day of class as an education student just folded up this afternoon. And boy, was it good: I can see myself barreling down a corridor to catch up with a class. Oh wait, wrong fantasy. Heheh.

I am already thinking about FOUNED2, under Dr. Lilet Bautista. It's a professional education subject, and it was indeed very humbling and inspiring at the same time, especially when her discussion is interrupted by a random story about teaching. ::Awww.::

She seems real nice and dedicated to her work. First impressions, dude.

The other class I had, the first, ENGLTWO, was pretty nice too. Classmate
ko yung sister ni wexy! Argh. Scary stuff, dude. Heheh. Naaalala ko tuloy yung joke ni aeo kung paano kami natatakot dun sa utol ni wexy. :D Maingay yung utol mo, wexy. Hehehe.

Let's see: Research paper writing, foundations of education, general psychology, classroom management, education technology 1, linguistics, relstwo (the Church and Sacraments)--
teka, parang ang dami ah. Nyarhar. Heaveee.

I still have to attend four[!] classes tomorrow, 1 and a half hour each: TINTECH, EDTECH1, LINGUIS and RELSTWO, the latter with a CBE class. Me scared. Mweheheh.

Now that I am finally an educator-in-training, tis I'd have to ask:

quaint ruttle little bucket: in need of a name change?

I was thinking something simpler. But then again, "quaint rutted little bucket" is as good as personal journal/blog names get. :-Þ

Friday, September 10, 2004


After seeing "The Terminal" this afternoon at Greenbelt, I checked the stats of this blog just a while ago, and I found an interesting surprise--much of the traffic I've been having, aside from my friends', are people searching for Steve Tyrell's "I've Got A Crush On You"... or Phoemela Baranda. :D

Now, I'd have to wonder: why all the traffic? Is she that popular, guys? ::clueless::

Anyway, here's a treat for anybody looking for her. (It has obviously went thru image manipulation and a bit PG13-esque, but who cares. :)

I enrolled this morning. Another forty grand blissfully gone. But for 21 units. :)

I am anxious. Classes start this Monday, and it was only that reality caught up with me: I'll be largely on my own starting next week. And to think I'm already starting to miss that people I've grown fond of. Hay, buhay.

Revisiting Peck's "The Road Less Travelled" for the past few days was an engaging experience. For one, it teaches a lot about life and the misgivings it brings. Even though I had the chance to loan the original version of this book more than once from the library two terms ago, I must admit that I haven't finished the book and fully understood it, seeing how many pages it lacked.
(Oo. May mga nawalang mga pahina dun sa copy na nasa library.)

Another thing that particularly struck me was its emphasis on the difficulty of life. In fact, he not only draws it from personal experience, but from the gist of the teachings of Buddha. That once you acknowledge the fact that life is indeed difficult, life suddenly becomes more worthwhile. That it may be the only decent way to live.

Peck touches on the things most of us will consider to be mundane to daily life. Things like love, religion, struggle, grace and self-worth. Of living.

I'd certainly post on what I think and feel about this book when I finish it, perhaps tomorrow or this Sunday. Overall, an excellent read.

David Birthday

Hahah. A good number of us comtech2003 guys got the chance to get together in celebration of David's (and to some extent, Aeo's. Heheh.) 18th birthday. It was nice, plain, clean fun. And we got the chance to reminisce the past. Oh, the past! ;) Nyarhar. Things like Pineapple, inuman, girls, jokes, classes, school, teachers. Ah, the memories.

I wanted to hit a few drinks after it arrived but I'm afraid I had called upon the cavalry way too early, in my opinion. And to think I explicitly told Kuya Rani to pick me up, yet what showed up was mum and pop. ::blush::

Sayang. But then, it was fun as we were able to see some, talk some.

Sana next time lahat na kasama. :)

Want Gmail?

Just drop me a line here or leave a comment and I'll send you an invite. Google gave me five new invites to play with, and you might just be the one to have it! :)

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Closure (Not Quite)

It's been a while, dude. Another door has opened after one has closed. It's time to actually move on and stop clowning around.

Sigh. Course card distribution on a really beautiful day. (And if you're wondering if the cards had the chance to destroy it, no, it still is beautiful. :) The morning was more than what I was hoping for, and the day was, overall, pretty nice. I wish there were more days like this.

Anyway, I had the chance to actually see her out of class today. And bloody hell, it's not quite what I have been expecting to happen: she was bloody drop-dead gorgeous. (See Ralph. You should've listened to mum when she said pretty girls were dangerous. :) And quite timid. Or perhaps snobbish. Snotty maybe. Or maybe just plain ignoring me. Either way, I don't really know, so why ask me? Nary an idea even.

[But believe me when I say pretty, as I have discovered lately, fewer and fewer feemales seem to get that reaction from me. They all... look alike. Heh. Media influence maybe.]

Closure. What an interesting name for an entry title.

Getting over things and actually doing something worthwhile is our theme for today, kids. To actually put the (recent) past behind you and see beyond what has happened. (Hahah. Homily ni Father sa mass kanina sa PGP Chapel to! Being optimistic and having the ability to see the possibilities out of negative things.)

Getting over things: Alam nyo naman siguro kung anong tinutukoy ko kapag nabanggit ito, hindi ba? (Translation: I pretty much expect you guys to know at least a clue on what I am talking about here, right? Right.)

Actually doing something worthwhile: A fanciful phrase for something, well, fanciful. Not quite courtship yet, but not being torpe either. Somewhere in between. :)

By the way dude, this song hit the spot. (Nakakalungkot. Hindi pa mabibili ang single ng napakagandang awit na ito! Nais ko na itong bilhin sa lalong madaling panahon! :)

Siya. Hanggang dito na lang muna. Ako'y napasasalita na naman sa ating katutubong wika ng tila walang kadahilanan. Katulad ng aking inaasahan, ako'y nakakuha nga ng bagsak na marka sa NETANAL. Hahahah. Buhay comsci. Siyanga naman. :D

Hoy. Malapit na raw magbukas ang bagong Ayala Museum, kapatid. At ako ang unang-una sa masa ang dapat na makapasok doon! Nyahahaha. Nakamamangha ang disenyo ng naturang gusali, at hindi pa kasama riyan ang mga nilalaman nito na sigurado namang kahanga-hanga! Kailangan ko itong mapasok bago man lamang matapos ang term break! :)

Pati siguro ang mga bagong adisyon sa ating Pambansang Museo ay papasukin ko! Ako'y mag-fi-field trip ngayong bakasyon!

Eto na talaga. Kung anu-ano nang mga ideya ang pumapasok sa aking isipan at dahil diyan, ayaw ko na. Sige. Babooo. :)

Ikaw Nga
OST: Mulawin

Heto na naman
Nag-iisip, minsa'y nagtataka
Na sa 'kin na ang lahat
Bakit nangungulila

At nang makita ka
Ibang sigla aking nadarama
Pag-ibig nga ba ito
Ako'y nangangamba

Nais kong ipagtapat sa'yo
Sana'y dinggin mo
Ang lihim ng pusong ito
Kahit na tayo'y magkaibang mundo

Ikaw nga ang siyang hanap-hanap
Kay tagal na ako’y nangarap
Lumuluhod, nakikiusap
Ako ay mahalin mo sinta

Ikaw nga ang siyang magbabago
Sa akin, sa aking buhay
Handang iwanan ang lahat
Upang makapiling ka sinta

Nang makilala ka
Ibang saya ang nadarama
Alam kong pag-ibig ito,
Anong ligaya

Nais kong ipatapat sa 'yo
Sana'y pagbigyan
Dinggin ang puso kong ito
Kahit na tayo'y magkaibang mundo

Ikaw nga ang siyang hanap-hanap
Kay tagal na ako’y nangarap
Lumuluhod, nakikiusap
Ako ay mahalin mo sinta

Ikaw nga ang siyang magbabago
Sa akin, sa aking buhay
Handang iwanan ang lahat
Para lang so ‘yo sinta
Upang makapiling ka sinta